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Desert Sand

Missionary Care

This is the most recent area of our ministry.

Caring for missionaries has been a dream of ours for many years.

There are many things about living as a missionary abroad and/or in a ministry leadership position that most people don’t know (and probably never will).

Struggles, trials, challenges, identity crises, loneliness, etc... there are many that most of us go through and, in most cases, we lack a healthy sense of accountability or "pastoral person" that we can trust and carry on.

Our heart is to see leadership thrive.

We want to see leaders doing well, not only in their ordained ministries but especially in their personal and spiritual lives. We dream of providing a safe space for leaders to be vulnerable, nurtured, and move toward the integrity our Father expects of us.

For now, this looks like having recurrent meetings with them and letting the Holy Spirit do the rest in His wisdom and written Word.

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