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I can see clearer!

By Miguel Martinez

This is Ada and Juan Pablo, and those beautiful smiles you see are because of God's breakthrough!

Last week we got to meet them while our STM team was blessing their family with a stove. While the team was building, I went to pray for Juan Pablo since his mom was telling that we was color blind and his eyes were very sensitive to the light.

I pulled some racers with me and after doing a small "Praying for healing 101" we all started praying for him. We prayed about 10 times and almost every time, when he would open his eyes after our prayers he would have a smile on his face and said "I can see clearer"... For we live by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7 NIV

I felt like God wanted me to ask a few of the racers to take the lead in some of those prayers and while they were praying I noticed Juan Pablo's dad and brother were behind me watching...Juan Pablo's dad had been drunk for 10 days and one of Ada's (Juan Pablo's mom) prayer request was for her home to be happy again, like before her husband started drinking.

I prayed for him a couple times and talked to him and before we left he asked me "why are you guys making fun of me??" I told him we weren't and asked him why thought that and he said "y'all are always smiling when looking at's weird", I laughed and said "we love you therefore we smile to you..." his only response was "well, that's weird".

A few days later we had a kid's celebration in the village with our ministry host #OWCommunity and at the same time Rake (one of our staff member) was having a women's Bible study.

While I was joking around with some of the mom from the bible study, I didn't notice Ada was there too and all of the sudden she pulled me aside and said "Look over there!!!" as she pointed to some teenagers playing soccer"; "what am I looking at?" I asked and she said "That's my son playing soccer! He can see now!!". I held back tears (I'm crying as I'm tryping this) and ask if we could go say hi, so we went and interrupted the game. He was very happy and told me he hadn't played in a long time since the sunlight used to hurt his eyes...then Ada said "Remember my husband? He stopped drinking after you guys left my house!!!" I thank God for this experience because it grows my faith but also reminds me that Jesus' main goal was ALWAYS to love people and to improve their lifes and the way they see His Father; for them to know that their God loves them with all of his heart and he wants the very best for his children!

There is people around you who are just waiting for you to say "I am willing to pray for you" pray for healing and breakthrough and to give God the glory because He is so worthy of Praise.


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